Entrepreneurs, Enterprises, Individuals and Institutions for

Exemplary Achievements towards Business, Industrial & Economic Growth and

Contributions for Society, Community, State and Nation Building

"PRIDE OF MAHARASHTRA AWARDS" is a unique recognition of individuals and institutions and to help them brand and showcase their efforts for the knowledge and benefit of the concerned sector or industries or organizations in Maharashtra as it is a leading and vibrant State for business, industrial, education and cultural activities and show casing an example for the State and nation as the unity and prosperity. We are inviting applications from interested Entrepreneurs, Enterprises, Individuals and Institutions so that their achievements, contributions and initiatives during the last two to three years and especially in the Pandemic period are recognized. The top winners of the Awards will be specially recognized, as the Pride of Maharashtra Awardees.


❖The Brand Ambassador of Maharashtra

❖The Best Entrepreneur of the Year

❖The Best Corporate of the Year

❖The Best Financial Institution of the Year

❖The Best Educational Institution of the Year

❖The Best Corporate Leader of the Year

❖The Best Innovative Company / Institution of the Year

❖The Best Philanthropist of the Year

❖The Best Multinational Company of the Year

❖The Best Enterprise of the Year - Innovation & Inventions

❖The Best Mid-Sized Enterprise of the Year

❖The Best SME of the Year

❖The Best Family-Owned Business of the Year

❖The Best Cooperative Sector of the Year

❖The Women Entrepreneur of the Year

❖The Best Start-Up Company of the Year - Innovation & Inventions

❖The Best Thought Leader of the Year

❖The Best NGO of the Year

Focus Sectors:
Manufacturing | Engineering | Electrical | Electronics | Infrastructure | Power | Automotive | Pharmaceutical | Healthcare | Packaging | Plastics | Printing | Defense | Food Processing | Capital Goods Manufacturers | Industrial Parks | SEZ | Glass | Ceramics | Distribution | Franchisee | Realty | Constructions | Banking | Finance | NBFC | Insurance | Hospitality | Education | Tourism | Logistics | Entertainment | Research | IT | ICT | Cyber Security | Media | Sports | Marketing | Ayurvedic & Herbal Products | Advertisement | Publicity | Digital Media | Facilities Management | Utilities Service | Allied Industrial & Business Sector | Business Advisory Firms | Professional Services | SME Enterprises | Start-Ups | Women Entrepreneurs


❖ The criteria of each Award will depend upon the category of the Awards

❖ Exemplary achievements in specific sector

❖ Active involvement of the Applicant

❖ Contribution towards development of Industry, Infrastructure, SMEs, other Sectors and Special achievements      for Economic growth of State

❖ Involvement and unique efforts for Industrialisation and Employment generation in Rural area

❖ Transformation in Education, Tourism, Agro based Industries and other allied sectors

❖ Involvement in Policy Change and Policy Implementation of the State Government and Central Government

❖ Encouragement for new Entrepreneurship and up - liftment of Young and Start-Ups

❖ Awareness and education on various aspects

❖ Achievements in National and Global level

❖ Growth oriented story with increasing profitable margins

❖ The criteria of Philanthropic or social activities will be depend upon exemplary work and welfare activities

❖ Innovations and Inventions

❖ Technology Development, Research & Development

❖ Emphasizing on quality services, utilisation of unique concepts for business growth and expansion.

❖ Unique Marketing, Promotion and Branding Strategies

❖ Human Resource Management and Responsibilities towards welfare of employees

❖ Better Financial and Business Management System

❖ International Standard Certificates obtained

❖ Family Background (Family Business / Agriculture / Government job / Employment / Professional /any other      profession)

❖ Quality consciousness & commitment towards improvement

❖ Strategy for environment protections, if manufacturing or other relevant sector

❖ Details of other Awards conferred

❖ Company / Organisation should be in operations for last 3 years

❖ Operation should be in Maharashtra State



Maharashtra Industrial and Economic Development Association (MIEDA) ), is a leading organisation, representing large number of members from Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Engineering, Automotive, Finance, Realty, Power, Chemicals, Electricals, Electronics, Agro based Industry, Education, Healthcare, Medical, Pharmaceutical, IT, ICT, Textiles, Garments, Service Sector Industries, SMEs, Co-operative based Industries, Research and Development Institutes and Allied Industrial Sectors and supporting them for better business growth & expansion and exploring emerging business opportunities for export promotion, channelizing finance and investment, technology transfer, joint ventures, contract manufacturing tie-ups, collaborations and other business activities. MIEDA has been on the forefront for policy change and policy implementation and doing advocacy with the Government Departments and Regulatory Authorities to resolve the issues and the bottlenecks from the concerned industries. www.mieda.in

Who Can Apply

❖ Chairman, Managing Director, CEO, Executive Director or Director of Company, Institutions, SMEs, Start-Ups      and organisations interested to apply awards in specific sector

❖ Organisations involved in various segments according to Awards criteria

❖ Multiple applications can be submitted

❖ Individuals who is actively involved in activities or process



❖ The selected Awardees will be given the Status as the Brand Ambassador or Role Model according to their    exemplary work and achievements for mentoring and guidance to other Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Young      Entrepreneurs and other community.

❖ It is mandatory to provide necessary information as mentioned in the nomination form along with required      documents.

❖ The entrance fee is to be paid along with nomination form as per the terms & conditions. The entrance fee    will not be refunded if nomination is rejected or withdrawn by the applicant. Once nominations form       submitted, it will not be returned to the applicants whether the nomination is selected or rejected.

❖ Incomplete and unpaid entrance fee nomination forms will be disqualified. MIEDA will not be responsible for      incomplete entries. Entrance fee will not be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

❖ After scrutiny of nominations, short listed applicants may be called for personal interaction.

❖ Members of the selection committee / office bearers of MIEDA may visit the office / factory of the applicant     for further discussion and inspection, if necessary with prior intimation.

❖ Management of MIEDA has sole discretion to accept or reject or select or disqualify the nomination form /      forms, if not submitted or completed formalities according to terms & conditions mentioned above.

❖ Nominees should apply for the membership of MIEDA, which is mandatory for this Award activity.

❖ MIEDA reserves the right to move nomination to a different category based on the recommendation of the     selection committee as well as based on the credentials submitted by the Applicant.

❖ MIEDA reserves the right to invite nominations, modify rules & regulations, formalities of selection & process,     appointment of the jury / selection committee members, dates for submission of nominations, cancellation of     Awards application or process, date of Awards function, venue & other related information of Awards.

❖ MIEDA reserves the right to select and invite associates, supporters, sponsors, partners, media partnership     and guests for Awards presentation ceremony.

❖ Pride of Maharashtra Awards is an Intellectual Property of MIEDA and private initiative, which is not related to     any other organisation or government agency.

❖ Government of Maharashtra has officially supported these Awards activities without any financial grant or     financial support.

❖ MIEDA will not be responsible for any legal or financial complications arisen from these activities.