Recognising Outstanding Contributions and Remarkable Achievements by

Entrepreneurs, Business Tycoons, Enterprises, Corporates, SMEs,

Various Institutions, Multinational companies, Women Entrepreneurs & Start-ups

"PRIDE OF MAHARASHTRA AWARDS" have been initiated by Maharashtra Industry Development Association supported by Federation of Indian SME Associations, India International Trade Centre, Packaging Industries Association of India and Pride of India Foundation to recognise outstanding contributions and remarkable achievements of the Entrepreneurs, Business Tycoons, Enterprises, Corporates, SMEs, financial, educational & other institutions, Multinational companies, Women Entrepreneurs & Start-ups for the Financial Year 2022.

"PRIDE OF MAHARASHTRA AWARDS" have been recognising the efforts, achievements, contributions, innovation, invention, value addition services, expansion, development, research, transformation of their businesses for further growth, active role for the society and contributions recognised towards the State of Maharashtra in the various capacities. These Awards activities integrating, connecting them with each other & branding their success to recognise them as the “Brand Ambassadors of Maharashtra” to encourage other entrepreneurs and followers to achieve the success. The winners will be given opportunity to mentor and guide other followers and to contribute towards betterment of the State and Nation.


The Best Entrepreneur of the Year

The Business Icon of Maharashtra

The Brand Ambassador of Maharashtra

The Best Corporate of the Year

The Best Multinational Company of the Year

The Best Mid-Sized Enterprise of the Year

The Best SME of the Year

The Best Enterprise of the Year - Innovations & Inventions

The Best Education Institution of the Year

The Best Financial Institution of the Year (PSU, NBFC, Co-operative and private)

The Best Philanthropist of the Year

The Best Family-Owned Business of the Year

The Women Entrepreneur of the Year

The Best Start-Up Company of the Year - Innovations & Inventions

Focus Sectors

Manufacturing | Engineering | Auto & Auto Ancillary | IT | ICT | Infrastructure | Pharmaceutical | Education Institutes | Electronics | Electricals | Packaging | Food Processing | Chemicals | Health Care | Medical | Energy, Oil & Gas | Metal | Exports | Agro-Based Industries | Processing Industries | Logistics | Ports | Distributors | Marketing | Advertisement | Media | Entertainment | Tourism | Sports | Retail | Hospitality | Finance & Banking | Mining | FMCG | Textiles & Garments | Paper & Plastic | Glass | Cyber Security | Furniture & Fixtures | Service Industry | Industrial Parks | Special Economic Zones | NGOs | Institutions functioning for environment | water conservation | Improvement of skill & scale of SMEs & workforce | Rural development | Research & Development | Women Empowerment | Cultural | Literature and Allied Industrial & Business Sectors


Applicant’s successful journey and efforts for the development of business and related activities.

Initiatives for growth and transformation of SMEs, enterprises, institutions and corporates

Utilization of unique leadership qualities for sustainable and profitable growth.

Better Business Management Practices & Good Governance & adoption of business ethics.

Efforts and contributions towards economic and industrial growth, society and Nation building.

Advocated for policy change & its implementation in the respective fields.

Background, profession, experience, expertise and contribution of Applicants as a First-Generation Entrepreneur or job experience or head or member of family managed businesses or heads of corporates or institutions for the improvement of capacity and capability as well as expansion and diversification or upgradation.

Development of unique Entrepreneurial Leadership qualities to survive and revive in the competitive era and difficult situations in the local and global markets.

Improvement of quality & quantitative services, transformation in operational system, unique strategies for marketing, branding, promotions and other value additions for better business growth.

Quality Assurance and improvement of quality services.

Innovations and Inventions and their Commercialisation

Exclusive research & development of products design, Adoption of advanced & patented technology, technology development for quality productivity and better services.

Unique marketing, promotion and branding strategies for the improvement of sales & profits.

People Management and their welfare.

Any International Standardize Certifications obtained?

Energy conservation measures and industrial safety measures, if any.

Employment generation, its growth rate year-on-year basis.

Social commitment or contributions for the growth & empowerment of SMEs or Young / Women Entrepreneurs or Start-Ups (by mentoring, guidance, internship and providing business leads).

Plans for future expansion or diversification, if any.

Social activities under CSR or initiatives.

Performance based evaluation.

Details of other Awards and recognitions received.


About MIDA

Maharashtra Industry Development Association (MIDA), is a leading organisation of the State functioning for the last 25 years and putting efforts for industrial and economic growth of the State, representing a large number of members from the manufacturing, SMEs, allied industrial sector, service industry, infrastructure, realty, power, IT & ICT, start-ups, co-operative businesses and industries and other businesses. MIDA is regularly providing support to the industries to explore emerging business opportunities in India and abroad, identifying partners for the joint ventures, contract manufacturing tie-ups, collaborations and channelising finance and investment opportunities in the private sector. www.midaorg.com

Who Can Apply

The nominations have been invited from the manufacturing, SMEs, engineering, automotive, pharmaceutical, healthcare, exports, agro based industries, IT & ICT, chemical, packaging, electronics, electricals, glass, logistics, energy, infrastructure, warehousing, Logistics & Shipping, Industrial & Logistics Parks, construction, textiles, allied manufacturing & business sectors, education, entertainment, banking & finance, utilities’ services, fintech, allied industries and professional & service sector. The Nominations will be considered on the basis of their remarkable achievements, outstanding contributions, success journey, sustainable growth, generation of more employment and its welfare and creating new entrepreneurship from various activities, continuity & transformation in the business activities, utilisation of advanced technology for quality productivity as well as for global competitiveness, research & development, products developed for import substitutions, business cooperation with Indian and foreign entities for joint ventures, contract manufacturing, technology transfers, unique strategies for retaining customers & suppliers or any other segments, adoption of the good governance, business ethics & fair business practices, contribution of the senior executives for the policy change and its implementation, other unique initiatives to achieve success in the competitive markets.

The nominations can be applied by the origin of Maharashtra State but functioning or operating business or any other activities in Maharashtra or other States in India or abroad. The foreign corporates, MNCs and institutions who are having their operations, offices, subsidiaries, branch offices and activities can also apply for these Awards. The Awards are going to recognise their efforts, achievements and contributions for the Society, State and Nation.



Nomination Form or Forms to be submitted along with covering letter, supporting documents, profile of the Applicant & photograph, profile of the Company / Institute / short presentation / short AV film / details of other awards / achievements / recognitions with the credentials.

Membership of Maharashtra Industry Development Association is mandatory for the applicants and selected nominees for awards to continue association with the organisation for mutual benefits and further active involvement. If membership is not accepted, the Award can be cancelled or withdrawn by the Management

Copy of registration of the enterprise / SME / Institute / Company / organisation.

Justification for considering your application for Awards along with other relevant information highlighting Nominee’s achievements on the company letterhead in brief.

An undertaking statement stating that the details mentioned in the Nomination Form is true and correct as well as verified to the best of applicant’s knowledge.

The entrance fee is mandatory. The entrance fee includes the expenses towards administration costs, incidental expenses towards these activities.

The entrance fee will not be refunded, if nomination is rejected or withdrawn by the applicant or incomplete information or formalities / compliances.

Management reserves the right to accept or reject or select or disqualify the nomination form / forms, if not submitted or completed according to the terms, conditions and formalities.

After scrutiny of Nominations, short listed applicants will be informed for personal interaction.

Members of the Management Committee may visit the office or factory of the applicant for further discussion and inspection and with prior intimation.

We reserve the right to move nomination to a different category on the basis of background of the Applicant and recommendation of the Selection Committee.

We reserve the right to invite nominations, modify rules & regulations, formalities of selection & process, appointment of the jury / selection committee members, dates for submission of nominations, cancellation of Awards application or process, date of Awards function, venue & other related information of Awards. The Association will not be responsible for any lack of compliances of procedural work incomplete by the nominees in their business related to Government authorities or will not be responsible for any legal complications against the nominee or applicant.

We reserve the right to select and invite Associates, Supporters, Sponsors, Partners, Media Partnership and Guests for Awards presentation ceremony.

Pride of Maharashtra Awards is an Intellectual Property of Maharashtra Industry Development Association and it’s a IPR, brand and private initiative, which is not related to any other organisation or Government agency or any pollical party or institutions.

We will not be responsible for any legal or financial complications arising from these activities due to lack of compliances and procedures by the nominees and applicants or nominees or applicants are the defaulters of any Government agency, financial institutions or private sector or any third party. if the nominees, who are not binding or completing compliances or formalities of any Government agency, the applications will not be considered or will be rejected depending upon the information available in the public domain. The clarification to be submitted by the concerned nominees, if found any negative remarks.

The Award winners will be recognised as the ‘Role Model’ or ‘Brand Ambassador’ according to their exemplary work and achievements for mentoring and guidance to other Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, Young Entrepreneurs, Society and other Community.

It is mandatory to provide necessary and applicable information as mentioned in the nomination form along with required documents.


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